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Fantana speaks on how she handles internet trolls

RuffTown Records newest signee Fantana has stated that she is not bothered by the criticisms and internet trolls she receives since she started her music career.

According to the “So What” hitmaker, she is not the first musician to be criticized and that she is ready to accept any criticism aimed at her.

Fantana also added that since the onset of her career, she has developed a thick skin and always makes sure that internet trolls do not get to her.

She further stated that the only comment she mostly hears about herself is that she has so many teeth and is not bothered about that.

“Yeah, but they say that about everybody who starts. They say that about everybody who starts because that’s just what it is.

I think they just want me to prove myself and I feel like they trynna see if I have a tough skin as well but I’ve seen that they do that with everyone.

With the worst comments, they say I have too many teeth. I don’t really get bad comments like as bad that will make me cry.

I think they don’t have anything to say so the only thing they can say is that I have too many teeth and then if I didn’t have enough teeth that one will also be”, Fantana stated.

Fantana was signed unto RuffTown Records label recently after she was introduced to the CEO, Ricky Nana Agyemang popularly known as Bullet by label mate Wendy Shay.

She has, however, released two songs “So What” and “Girls Hate On Girls” which are both massive hits.
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