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COVID 19: Some Natives Of Osudoku Traditional Area Accused Covid 19 Team As Fake

 Some people of Osudoku traditional area (Osuwem) has blasted the COVID 19 team from Dodowa for causing stigmatization with their fake claims they having the virus.

 About a week ago, COVID 19 team from Shai- Osudoku district (Dodowa) visited Osuwem in the Greater Accra region for coronavirus tests Samples.

Today, Thursday 14th, 2020 they were told verbally they should prepare for quarantine tomorrow. This has triggered the temper of these alleged affected people.

 Meanwhile, on a phone discussion with some alleged affected women in the community, they claimed the allegations can’t be since the officials did not serve them with any official letter after the test.

 Again they claimed they are not experiencing the symptoms- not even a cough or headache

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Unknown said…
This people I don't know what at all they are doing
Unknown said…
They should stop feeding the nation with their fake tests and putting fears in others ,
Unknown said…
We never accused the covid 19 team as fake.
We the citizens are aware of the pandemic and want explicit understanding of the tests.
We came into doubt when the team called the victims on phone telling them they tested positive.
We prefer the team coming in person for them instead on phone immediately.
Calling them has really caused stigmatization and all.
Unknown said…
The team has failed with the code of conduct.we were in doubt because the team didn't come earlier for the victims.
As at now ,we are in great suspense.
Those who tested positive may have spread the virus already

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