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Fameye "Snubs" Keche At His Concert


Keche, a group known for their hit songs like pressure, aluguntugui and recently no dulling were invited by Fameye to perform at his maiden concert dubbed "The Family Concert" last Sunday 27th of Dec 2020. 

After a marvelous performance by Keche same Sunday night at TV3's mentor grand final, the talented music duo had no option than to keep up their promise and honour their brother’s invitation.  

The talented duo decided to honour the invitation even though they had a really busy schedule on that same day. 

Fameye's event was highly heated up with lots of musicians both new and old on standby to perform

Download New Song: Keche - Good Mood Ft. Fameye

Keche arrived at the program quite late and according to them was really exhausted, hence they pleaded with Fameye to allow them to perform early so they can go and rest. This plea was channeled through their manager though. 

Fameye at the apex of his mood completely disregarded Keche’s manager and even used harsh words at him. Amongst the things Fameye said, one really broke the heart of the manager “Who is that keche group and when did they come that they want to tell me what to do" he said. 

The duo was disappointed and left the premises even before the manager was able to break the news to them.

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