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Breaking News: Decksmiles joins NewMoney Record label

Whiles many young Ghanaian artists are enjoying fame due to the good record labels they find themselves in, others are still in their struggle to make a little hit though they also produce what seems to be good to the public hearing.

And that is why NewMoney Records, a new record label geared at grooming and making artists (Both locally and international) ready to fit into the music market in African is on its top game by making these struggling but talented artists achieve their dream to reach the higher height.

According to the CEO of the NewMoney record label, Edmond Teye Goodman know by many as Apaa said they have signed a new artiste, Decksmiles to the label and are ready to invest in him to reach the limelight to prove to Ghanaians that they are in for business.

"We signed Decksmiles on the label and he is currently the only artist on the label. He was discovered for his talent and prowess on beats and we are ready to work with him to achieve his music dream.

"We will contribute massively in promoting any music of our artists on digital music shops and through traditional media. We will also make sure that our artists will be given the opportunities to have both international and local features to increase their fan base. So Ghanaians should watch out for us," he said

Although Decksmiles is yet to break into the mainstream, he is well known around the Odumase Krobo area. He is a multi-talented afrobeat artiste who sings and produces all music genres. He has been doing music professionally since 2015 and has songs to his credit such as Inna This Life, Odo Yewu, My Darling, Energy, and Dat Tin which are all available on most music platforms. 

Speaking to the media concerning his new record label, Decksmiles explained that his only hope is to find a good record label that will pick him up. Though his dream is to join a top record label in Ghanaian, he said that it is also good to start with a new record label that will have all the time for him.


"I feel blessed to be part of this family. I saw this a good offer which I couldn't refuse from this new record label. My biggest concern about getting signed to a label was never the money involved but, how the label could help me progress. And I felt confident that, NewMoney Records is the right place to be," he said 

Decksmiles, born Richmond Tettey Isour, also revealed that Ghanaians should watch out for his first song titled Hustle Go Pay that will be released under the NewMoney Records Label. This song was also produced and mixed by him and will be released as soon as possible.

By Richmond Nyarko

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I really appreciate it . NewMoney Records keep the fire burning 🔥🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤
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great work done
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