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Promoters versus Artiste wahala……who is right here? Some promoters must be checked and respect artiste


Two of our home grown artiste were booked for a show , a show which by numbers happens to be one of the best paid event in the region. And our(s) were booked to perform and showcase what we have in the region.  This was a very good platform to sell E/R, since almost all Technically University in Ghana sent representatives to Koforidua E/R to witness our industry and what its made off. 

Sound , lighting, were all hired from the region and was a good business. The Two artiste on the show were also home grown artiste and this was  a step in a right direction. Unfortunately the odd happens.. On Saturday O'baya Multimedia who was on bill showed up after he had agreed a said amount with our very own promotor to perform at the event.

An amount of One thousand Ghana cedis was agreed after deliberations. The Team had waited for a deposit which they were told they will recieve money on arrival which was also concluded...  No discussion were made between  TeaM O'baya and the promoter for his cut.. But definitely the team would have sorted him because he linked them up for the gig.. 

Upon arrival the promoter told Team Obaya lead by his manager that organizers of the show said they couldn't raise the 1000gh but had 500 Gh cedis. Which didn't sit well with Team Obaya because, on the very first day,  they had told the promoter he wasn't going to perform for 500 Gh cedis which was understood and finally concluded..

A tension between  team Obaya and the promoter raise concerns which lead to an organizing member approaching team Obaya to find out what  was the problem.  Upon explanation the Organizing team member reach out to his Superior and informed him what was happening. His superior the main brain behind the event then asked to speak to team Obaya and disclosed he had paid/sent the agreed amount of 1000gh with charges and even add-ons  to the promoter and had evidence and receipts. 

The promoter CEO of Superior Events even before this revelation was angry with the team left their side and reluctantly wasn't ready to give out the money telling Team Obaya they could go back home and he will make it seem they didn't show up for the performance..!! 

Team Obaya felt disrespected inform the organisers on their intensions and didn't perform but have decided to take legal actions again Rock Masta and the organizers of Face Of Tertiary Awards..   

Information reaching me also says Koo Ntakra has also been contacted by the organisers and revealed the amount he was paid, but the Jumapo To Accra author has told organizers that wasnt what he recieved. Even after agreeing to give a 25% to Rock Masta, he still got same story like Obaya and didn't recieve full payment ... 

More to Come on this Saga. Stay glued will keep you updated.. .#Apprisemusic 

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