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Joyce Blessing Divorce Her husband And Follow Her Gym Instructor - Julie Jay

 Joyce Blessing's Former publicist, Julie Jay has finally broken her silence after a long time ‘battle’ with the musician.

Her comment comes on the back of Joyce Blessing’s recent viral video where she revealed that her ex-husband and her former publicist have teamed up to sabotage her brand and gospel musician.

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Reacting to the video, Joyce Blessing’s publicist known as Julie Jay has penned a long message explaining the whole incident which accounted for her divorce and the disbanding of the team...

She revealed that Joyce Blessing decided to call it a quit with her husband after she fell in love with her gym instructor.

According to Jullie, Joyce divorced her husband last year in November but she begged them to stay together and work as a team so as to prevent destruction and shame.

She went on to deny the allegations that she is the one who broke Joyce Blessing’s marriage to Dave Joy.

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Meanwhile, Joyce Blessing had formerly denied that her marriage has hit the rocks, even recently when a video of her fighting, her in-laws surfaced on social media, Joyce rubbished the allegation.


I have had several misunderstandings with her concerning her decision because I was scared it was going to have a dent on her brand but she wouldn’t listen. If she would speak the truth, she would testify the number of times I have shed tears because of her divorce plans. November last year, she finally divorced her husband and told us to work as a team so no one would notice it. We were still the best of friends.

Fast forward, in March 2020, she came to my room one evening to accuse me of feeding our maid with her secrets about one gym trainer guy she was dating. The interesting thing is that she didn’t know that all this while everyone in the house was aware of her relationship with the guy.

The maid is a friend to the gym trainer’s girlfriend so she was receiving complaints from her. Out of shame, she had to pour her anger on me and her husband that we betrayed her. The maid kept fabricating stories about me to complicate issues I knew nothing about

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