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Nii Fayaman Assembly Man Hopeful Sympathized With Mrs. Veronica Akyeampong’s Family In New Gbawe Electoral Area


The late Mrs. Veronica Akyeampong's family at C.P. Gilgal in New Gbawe electoral have  received expressions of sympathy from Hon. Mr. Emmanuel Nii Attuquayefio, assembly man hopeful in the new Gbawe electoral Area.

Since the family lost their beloved mother, sister, and daughter he has been a supportive, he is extremely knowledgeable opinion leader in his electoral district.

The family has received a ransom donation from Hon. Fayaman, a candidate for the assembly hopeful. 

Every member is eager to cast their vote for him in the coming election in the hopes that his diligence and charitable deeds will be recognised.

The late Mrs. Veronica Akyeampong's family at C.P. Gigal in New Gbawe electoral area received tyres from the aspirant assembly member for the new Gbawe electoral region, Mr. Emmanuel Nii Attuquayefio, also known as Fayaman.

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