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Dr. Cryme, Eno Barony Surprises Koo Ntakra At Jumapo Home Coming.

 27th December, 2021 was the second edition of the  Ghanaian rapper Koo Ntakra home coming show at Jumapo which he named “Efie Kwanso”. 

Efie Kwanso is an annually organised  event, managed by the team of Koo Ntakra. Usually held at his roots Jumapo(a sub-town of Koforidua). Intentions being to serve as an encouragement to the youth from the town as well as to build a fan base at home not forgetting giving back to the community that raised him.

This year’s home coming is one we can boldly call an outstanding and remarkable home coming in the history of music to the people of Jumapo and Koo Ntakra. We can conclude that lives were touched as the faces of individuals at the show was covered with smiles and exuberance.

The headline artist D-cryme really came through with his performance at the show. 

Indeed he met the standard of the headline show.

In the middle of the show, Ghana’s best  female rapper Eno Barony stepped on stage leaving everyone in shock including Koo Ntakra as her presence came as a surprise to all. Her performance at the event was overwhelming. She really came through for Koo Ntakra. 


Watch Full Video Here

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